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Who are we?

By means of promotion and product forming, we aim to enhance the tourist, recreational, commercial, cultural, and sports appeal of the city of The Hague for its residents and visitors such that it will positively affect the economy of and employment in the city. It also aims to create a climate in which culture and sports of the highest level can be developed. The promotion of the right image of the city plays a crucial role in all activities developed at the local, regional, national and international level.

We promote the interests of the municipality of The Hague, its tourist industry and arts institutions. If you would like more information about our organisation and/or our products and services, please contact our press officer:

Stefan Heger: s.heger@thehague.com


To support The Hague's image we use of the typographic logo in all our communications. All businesses, institutions and organisations can freely use the typographic logo in their marketing and promotion of the city of The Hague.The logo is available in two different languages (Dutch and English). We would greatly appreciate it if you would use the logo in your communications. The broad application of the logo will enhance the city's desired image. The logo represents the connection of the diversity in The Hague: an international city of style, but with a no nonsense mentality. Different worlds tied together by the city.


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